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Participating Adventure Club families are billed monthly between the second or third weeks of each month.  Families are billed based upon each month's enrollment.  Charges will not be split up for parents/guardians in separate households.

Afterschool Days

Afterschool Days include all Adventure Club days that occur after school between 3pm and 6pm, Monday through Thursday, and on Fridays from 2:15pm to 6pm.  Afterschool days from Mondays through Thursdays cost $8.10 per day, and Fridays cost $10.10 per day.  The fee includes supplies and one snack per day.

Full Days

Full Days include all Adventure Club days that occur during non-school days like teacher in-service days, holidays, and summer days.  Full days cost $23.40 per day.  A full day charge is applied when children attend for more than five hours, and includes supplies and two snacks per day.

Half Days

A half day fee is charged when children attend a full day for zero to five hours.  Half days cost $11.45 per day and includes supplies and one snack per day.

Field Trips

Many field trips are included in the cost of tuition, especially summer trips.  However, some trips like Rollaway, the Palouse Ice Rink, the UI Climbing Center, and Zeppoz cost $8/child to pay for rentals, facilities, and facilities' staff.

Unexpected Non-School Day Charges?

During the school year, if you reserve a space during a teacher work day or holiday, you will be charged for that day, regardless of whether or not your children are actually in attendance.  Children attending without sign-up prior to the day are billed for a full day, whether or not actual attendance is for a full day (more than five hours).  If you do not enroll in advance for a half day, you will be charged for a full day during non-school days.

 Enrollment Changes

Families may make enrollment changes via email to the Adventure Club Director or by filling out appropriate forms at an Adventure Club site.  In order to avoid charges, families must request enrollment changes at least three weekdays in advance.  Days may also be added three weekdays in advance.

Billing Statement Explanation

If this Billing Statement Explanation doesn't answer your questions, please feel free to contact the program director.

Tuition Summary

  • Afterschool Day (Monday through Thursday) (3pm to 6pm): $8.10/Day
  • Friday Afterschool (2:15pm to 6pm): $10.10/Day
  • Half Day (0 to 5 hours/day): $11.45/Day
  • Full Day (more than 5 hours): $23.40/Day
  • Field Trips: Many are included, but some do cost up to $8 per trip.
    Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo celebration at McDonald Adventure Club.

    Sponsors, like Moscow Mardi Gras, provide funding for supplies like the Spanish English rug pictured above.